Lashkar-E-Toiba case of bomb blasts in 2002-2003

In 2003 March in a well-planned operation launched at Goregaon three Lashkar-E-Toiba operatives involved in a bomb blast occurred in a local train at Mulund railway station on December 2002 died in an exchange of fire 1 AK-56, 2 short weapons, Rs 4 lakh in cash and some incriminating documents were seized. He was also responsible for arrested ex-SIMI general secretary Saquib Nachan and 22 others involved in the bomb blasts which occurred during 2002 – 03 in a local train at Mulund railway station, Best Bus at Ghatkopar, McDonald’s at Mumbai central railway station and seized 3 AK-56 250 handmade hand grenades short weapons ammunition and huge stock of chemical substances used for preparing bombs.