Dangerous Minds

Dangerous Minds
Author Name – S. Hussain Zaidi and Brijesh Singh

“The dagger shaped upward-pointing moustache fascinated him” – This is what the author of Dangerous minds indicated for Shri Pradip Sawant.

Pradip Sawant though a son of a cop in the golden era of Mumbai Police who was also a part of an elite clan of Brahmin officer triumvirate of Keshav Sahastrabuddhae Madhav Godbole and Yashwant Bhide did not want to join the police force only because it was a fair profession. He was driven by a raw ambition to become a policeman. Tall, fair and handsome, Sawant could easily be mistaken for a Marathi cine actor, especially as his obsession with the Maratha moustache had dissipated and he was content with simpler whiskers.

Sawant’s rapid rise may have been admired by friends but he was also making enemies. However, unbeknownst to Sawant the wheels of destiny were spinning fast and furious. Fate was hurtling towards Sawant soon after his promotion to DCP. Sawant was an outsider but somehow managed the dignity and a fair profession among the league of IPS officers.

Dongri to Dubai – Six decades of the Mumbai Mafia

Dongri to Dubai
Author – S. Hussain Zaidi

This book is all about Dongri to Dubai which is furiously the Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia. This book is written by the former investigative journalist Hussain Zaidi. The book traces the evolution of the Mumbai mafia from a group of thugs and smugglers to the present day mafia dons of organised crime.

But one police officer took this personally Assistant commissioner of Police Pradip Sawant. At the time he was handsome, strapping young police officer who broked no nonsense. He was resourcefully the legend, and one of the smartest cop in Mumbai police. Unlike those who belong to the illustrious Indian Police Service (IPS) cadre. Sawant has been inducted into the service through the Maharashtra police service commission MPSC which made him inferior so-called blue-blooded IPS

At the crime branch, Swant continued his lucky run. Mafia Gang had begun to recognise him and were often scared to take an assignment fearing his iron hand. They knew if they were caught by Sawant they were as good as dead or a handicapped person. Sawant revealed in their fears; if the mafia was afraid of him, he has really arrived.