• Pradip Sawant

    DCP Security Branch Mumbai, Maharashtra

Pradip Sawant's office


Shri Pradip Sawant is one of the prestigious and esteemed police officers in Mumbai police. He has always been diligent in his duties and the assignments he has taken in Mumbai Police for decades.

Police Career

When he started his professional career in 1986, he topped the merit list and was selected as a direct Dy. Superintendent of Police/Asst. Commissioner of Police. Later on the successful completion of the training at the Police Training College Nasik, he stood first in this batch. Once his probation period was done, he was posted to Latur as Sub Divisional Police Officer. Just in the tenure of five months, he exhibited the qualities of a good administrator.

Pradip Sawant receiving medal
Pradip Sawant collecting trophy


He was awarded President’s Police Medal for Meritorious Service on 15th August 2002. He is also a proud owner of The Deepak Jog Memorial Trophy for the Best Detention for the year in 2000. Insignia Awarded by Director General of Police, M.S. for the Outstanding Work, 1999.

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